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Skimmia & Helleborus growers

Nursery Verboom is a proud family business founded in 1961. We are specialised in the cultivation of beautiful perennials. Our passion lies in growing the most beautiful Helleborus and Skimmia. It is not a coincidence that we call these our 'Winter Angels'.

Together with a great team of passionate employees, we have a strong vision to positively surprise our customers every time again with our innovative and inspiring range of colourful plants.

Jos Verboom

Jos Verboom is the third generation in the family business and works every day with great passion with the most beautiful nature products - Helleborus & Skimmia. Besides work he likes to spend time with his family.

"Every day I work together with our wonderful team with the most beautiful products from nature - Helleborus & Skimmia, teamwork makes the dreamwork".

Hans Verboom

As the second generation in the family business, Hans Verboom knows everything about Nursery Verboom. From breeding to complete cultivation. A grower in heart and soul, but also the husband of Marjan Verboom and a proud father and grandfather. In his free time, Hans likes to work in the garden or to take a ride with his racing bike.

"Our plants make sure that something is happening in your garden and home!"

Marjan Verboom

Marjan Verboom also has an important role in the family business. She makes sure that everything for the staff is taken care of and that the financial details are in order within the company. Marjan is Hans' wife, and a proud mother and grandmother. In her free time she likes to work in her vegetable garden.


Erwin has been working with great pleasure at Nursery Verboom since he was 12 years old. They say that after 31 years, he is part of the "furniture". Erwin is responsible for the planning at the nursery and the sale of the Winter Angels and everything that comes with it. At the weekend he likes to spend time with his family and relax.

“For each customer the best plant”

What do we stand for?

Sustainability is of great importance at Nursery Verboom. For example, we use natural pesticides. In this way, we make use of the power of nature as much as possible.

Our approach

Our approach

Plant and customer oriented work is one of the most important aspects of our working method. Reliability, quality and a personal relationship with the customer are key for us.

Sustainable and responsible business

Sustainable and responsible business

Sustainable business is also of high priority. We know what require. That is why we make use of the power of nature as much as possible. For example, we use natural pesticides and natural bio-stimulants for the plant.

Waste separation

Waste separation

We process our waste as well as possible. We do not simply throw away our waste, but choose to separate it and have it processed by certified companies.

Natural pesticides

Natural pesticides

We use natural pesticides and nature is always willing to help us out.