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Verboom Beauty

How can you give the best care to your Verboom Beauty?

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  • During the flowering period (around Christmas) the plant can be placed inside or outside, in a pot or as a border plant.
  • After a flowering period indoor you can plant the Verboom Beauty into your garden or in a pot on your terrace. The best would be to wait until the risk for frost at night is gone. This will prevent young leaves from damage by the frost.
  • Outdoor the Helleborus should stay in half shadow.
  • The Verboom Beauty does not like to much sun around noon. Try to avoid full sun. By getting not so much light, the leaves will stay beautifully dark.
The Helleborus likes soil with good drainage capabilities and should be rich of humus it should. Avoid acid soil.
The Verboom Beauty should be fertilized twice a year with a slow-active organic fertilizer.

  • The first time should be in the early spring, around march.
  • In september is the right moment to apply the second time the fertilizer.
The Verboom Beauty flowers will last indoors around 4 to 6 weeks.

  • The length of this period is depending on the amount of water and the termperature in your home. The warmer it is, the faster the plant will stop flowering.
  • If the plant is in pot or in the gound outside, then the flowering period will be longer.
  • During the flowering season it is most important to give the plant regularly water and fertilizer.
  • Please take care that the roots never stand in water. This would increase the risk of rotting the roots.
  • Remove withered flowers as this will encourage the plant to create new flowers.
  • Place the fully withered plant at a protected place (like a barn or a porch) until the chance of frost is gone.
  • Remove old leaves in the beginning of December (before the first flower comes out of the ground). This will increase the visibility of the flowers and the vertilation around the plant.
  • Remove withered flowers after the flowering season.